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What is Steam Cleaning


Why Clean Your Carpets?

Are You Confused About Carpet Cleaning Methods?

You should be. It seems every company claims their process is the best.

There are five carpet cleaning methods:
  1. Shampooing
  2. Dry foam
  3. Bonnet (dry cleaning)
  4. Dry Powder
  5. Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

Let's start with the oldest form of modern carpet cleaning first: 


Shampooing is the use of a motorized circular brush in which foaming cleaning products are introduced to the surface of the carpet and are then scrubbed into the carpet. This method has very good agitation and is best suited for low pile commercial carpet or low cut pile carpet that is highly soiled. This method, unless it is used with some other type of carpet cleaning, has no extraction in the cleaning process but rather relies on vacuuming after the shampoo dries. Because of it's high aggressiveness, and the large amounts of cleaning product residue it leaves, this method is not recommended for most cut pile residential carpet. It also can have long drying times associated with it.


This method is very similar to shampooing in that it relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action, which is usually counter rotating cylindrical brushes. The difference is that the solution is whipped into a foam and applied right before the brushes instead of a liquid as in shampooing. This does allow for faster drying times. Although some DRY FOAM machines have a built in vacuum they still rely on the cleaning product drying to a flaky residue that the dirt adheres to and being sucked away by a vacuum cleaner. This method has the same weaknesses as Shampooing with the additional one of not being able to deep clean.

BONNET (Dry Cleaning)

In this type of cleaning sometimes referred to as 'Dry Cleaning', the cleaning product (sometimes mixed with carbonated water) is misted onto the carpet in the form of a spray. Next, a circular rotating buffer with an absorbent pad attached is run over the carpet. The soil attaches itself to the pad and the pad is changed with a clean one after becoming dirty. This method has the advantage of drying very quickly because of the small amount of moisture used. It generally does a good job of cleaning the top l/3 of the carpet pile that is visible to the eye but does little to remove the heavier grit and sand that damages carpet over time. Because there is no flushing action or extraction, there is no deep cleaning. This method may be considered as an interim cleaning between more effective deep cleanings.


With this method, a dry product (powder or ground corn cobs that have been soaked with a solvent chemical) is broadcast over the area to be cleaned. Then either a circular brush or cylindrical rotating brush is used to force the dry cleaning product in contact with the soil. After the carpet dries, which is surprising fast, a through vacuuming is required to remove the product and loosened soil. This method has the fastest drying times of all carpet cleaning methods and has the advantage of being able to be walked on almost immediately after cleaning. Similar to the Bonnet method, dry powder cleaning does a fairly good job of cleaning the top 1/3 of the fiber that is visible if it is not heavily soiled. Again, it does very little to remove the heavier soils in the base of the fibers. It's weakness is the extraction cycle. If not vacuumed with a powerful commercial vacuum, large amounts of the cleaning product can remain, and over a period of time build up and cause considerable problems later on.


Hot water extraction is sometimes referred to as 'Steam Cleaning'. Actually this is a misapplied term, for real steam is too dry and hot to clean carpet properly. In this method, hot cleaning solution is sprayed under pressure onto the carpet and is immediately extracted with a vacuum source. The dirty solution is collected in a recovery tank and is usually poured into the sanitary waste system. The advantage of this system is that is has the ability to flush out large amounts of soil and contaminants in carpet.

It is the most preferred method by all of the major fiber producers, such as Dupont, Monsanto and Allied Signal, as well as the carpet manufacturers like, Shaw, Mohawk, World, and Queen, because this method removes more contaminants than the other carpet cleaning methods. 

Hot water extraction is favored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is the preferred method of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). It does have the disadvantage of having longer drying times and the possibility of wick up of spots if they are not thoroughly extracted. Most higher quality carpets that have extended appearance and texture retention warranties require this type of cleaning every 18 months in order to retain the warranty coverage.



There are three basic types of extraction machines. 


Residential/Rental. These machines are fine for spills and maintenance of lightly soiled traffic areas. But they lack the power needed to do the deep cleaning required to get out the grit that lies deep in your carpet pile and to maintain carpet manufacturer warranties. 

Professional portables. These machines are many times more powerful than residential units. The number and size of vacuum motors and pumps plus heat exchangers differentiates one from another in terms of performance. The most powerful machines may have two power cords to enable household circuits to cope. A really good job can be done with these units. if the operator has excellent training and takes his or her time. Sometimes portables are the only way the carpets in some locations can be cleaned. 
Truck mounted units. These machines have large independent engines or run off the motor of the cleaning van. They can develop up to 1000 pounds of pressure (though normally carpet is cleaned at only 500 lbs. of pressure). They also heat the water to 180 or more degrees and have very powerful vacuums. These machines are expensive but they can leave the carpets drier in many cases when used properly. Typically, this type of hot water extraction machine should give improved results as well as decrease time on the job. 

Quite frankly, I have cleaned with most methods. That’s why I offer Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction (steam). Not only because the world’s leading carpet manufacturers recommend this method but also because it greatly improves the Indoor Air Quality of your home or business. We do not saturate! No cleaner should ever get the pad wet.

A truck mount steam cleaning will give you the most thorough cleaning because it heats water between 190 to 210 degrees F and hotter water also means less cleaning agents!  

Dirt is abrasive and it’s scratching and dulling your carpet. You would be amazed at the amount of debris and contaminants we remove from clean “looking” carpets. Regular cleaning prevents permanent damage. Soils bond with the fibers through a process called oxidation, causing color change and permanent soil attachment. Having your carpets cleaned as little as possible is one of the industries most common misconceptions. 
Bottom line: Any cleaning method will get “some” results.  But if you want to remove germs, bacteria, pollen, dirt, pet dander and millions of dust mites without chemical or soap residue then you want to choose professional steam cleaning. 

Shaw's Choice: 
Hot water extraction

"Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. This system is commonly referred to as "steam cleaning," although no steam is actually generated. The process consists of applying a cleaning agent into the carpet pile and using water in the extractor to recover the used solution and soil.  This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home with only the hose and wand brought inside or by a portable system brought into the home.

Professional Advantages 

"Professional carpet cleaners are a great choice for your floor. Their cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals, and the carpet should dry more quickly. True professionals also understand the equipment, know the proper cleaning agents for the situation at hand, and recognize the differences in fibers and carpet construction."


If all you want is a cheap, inexperienced, 
Splash-N-Dash, wet for days, bait and switch, NO GUARANTEE carpet cleaner... I
'm sorry, but you'll have to look somewhere else.  
We don't do business that way!

Choosing a company solely by price does not work. Companies price in so many ways, it is hard to compare. The truth is, when we invest wisely, we get what we pay for. Call the cheapest company you can find, and I'll wager you get a big sales pitch with a little bit of cleaning. It only makes sense that the cheapest company has to cut costs by using cheap cleaning agents, cheap cleaning equipment, and cheap personnel spending as little time as possible cleaning your carpet. 

Is that really going to solve all the problems I have mentioned?

Of course not. You don‘t have to spend a fortune to keep your carpet up. Just get the best value for your investment. You will find my prices reasonable, my work extraordinary, and my company professional!


10 Reasons
Why You Should Choose Us

1. Long Lasting Deep Clean. We clean 100% of your carpets yarns, not just buffing the surface. Your carpets will stay cleaner longer because we extract all the dirt.

2. We restore your dingy and dull carpet to fluffy and soft carpet, without chemical or soap residues.

3. Our truck-mounted high powered steam extraction process kills germs, bacteria, and dust mites on contact & removes them from your home. 98 % of the carpet mills recommends the steam cleaning method.

4. Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or it’s FREE. We back every job that we do for you with our ironclad, no- hassles, no regrets 100% money back guarantee.

5. Pro Steamer employs only IICRC Certified Cleaners. Ask us to show you our cards. We are committed to maintaining certification and requiring ongoing training for all of our technicians so they are always aware of the best methods and products to use on your carpet and tile—giving you the best service possible.

6. Honest Pricing. No sales gimmicks, no hidden costs. All prices are quoted up front, in writing with no hidden charges. We do not differentiate between cleaning and “deep scrubbing” or “dual process”.

7. We are dedicated to YOU! We are dedicated to our clients before, during and after every cleaning we do. We understand the value of a lifetime client!

8. We answer the phone live. You only get voice mail if we are on the other line, or meeting with another client. If you do get a voice mail we return calls promptly.

9. BECAUSE OUR COMPANY IS LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED. We have provided cleaning services to Roswell and surrounding areas for over 15 years and are dedicated to our community. Since we are a local company, and are not a franchise or chain, we are able to provide you with top-notch personal service, because we really care about our customers, and making them happy is our #1 priority.

10. One Call Service:

Carpet Cleaning    Upholstery Cleaning    Mattress Cleaning    Carpet Dying
Tile & Grout Cleaning    Berber & Wool Specialists    RV & Auto Interiors
Carpet & Upholstery Protection    Air Duct Cleaning    Pet Odor Specialist
Water & Smoke Damage Restoration    Ozone Machine Rental    
Mold Remediation


We have different packages to choose from, 
all of which include our 8 step process:

1. Complete Pre-Inspection 
2. Pre-spotting for all difficult stains 
3. Heavy duty pre-conditioner to remove oily soils and pollutants 
4. Truck mounted steam cleaning 
5. Residue free rinse to retard re-soiling 
6. Deodorize carpet (.15 per sq. ft value)
7. Final grooming
8. Final Inspection with Client


Custom Package: Pre-Spot for Food related spots & spills, Pre-Spray Treatment, Professional Steam Cleaning and Deodorizer to help neutralize undesired smells. $0.45 per sqft

Deluxe Package: Pre-Spot for Food related spots & spills, Pre-Spray Treatment, Professional Steam Cleaning, Deodorizer and Soil Blocker (scotchguard) to Protect your Carpet and help your cleaning last longer in between cleanings, Small Furniture moved and/or tabbed and a Final Carpet Grooming. $0.65 per sqft

Premium Package: Pre-Spot for Food related spots & spills, Pre-Spray Treatment, Professional Steam Cleaning, Deodorizer and Soil Blocker (scotchguard) to Protect your  Carpet and help your cleaning last longer in between cleanings, Heavy Furniture moved and/or tabbed and a Final Carpet Grooming. $0.90 per sqft

Anti-Allergen Package: Pre-Spray Treatment, Professional Steam Cleaning and Deodorizer PLUS Anti-Allergen Treatment.  $0.65 sqft HOW ALLERGY RELEIF TREATMENT WORKS Allergy Relief Treatment™ is a very safe, simple and highly effective way of changing the shape of allergen proteins, making them unrecognizable to the body! Nothing about the allergen is changed except its shape. So, when this shape is changed, there is no repetitive pattern that identifies the material as an allergen and therefore, there is no allergic reaction! Relieve your Family’s Allergies for up to 6 Months-Guaranteed!  Add Soil Blocker for $0.22 per sqft more!

Pet Package: Pre-Spray Treatment, Professional Steam Cleaning and Deodorizer PLUS Pre-Cleaning Spot Treatment to Pet Spots. We love our pets, but they leave behind undesirable odors, hair and oil. This package treats your whole area, unlike most cleaners who will charge “per spot”. $0.65 per sqft Add Soil Blocker for $0.20 per sqft more!


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Prices range from .45 sq ft - .90 sq ft. with a minimum service charge of $150.00 which covers about 325 sq ft. If you live in Dexter, Hagerman, or Artesia, the service charge is $200 and covers about 450 sq ft. 

Call 623-0993 to schedule an appointment! 

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